Henna for Hair Growth

Hey beautiful Curlistas Henna is a plant called "Lawsonia Inermis" that has been used for over 6,000 years by people in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia to dye their hair, hands and fingernails. It has also been part of our culture in Trinidad and Tobago for a very long time. The henna... Continue Reading →


DIY Henna Hair Mask

Hey beautiful Curlistas. So, I mentioned in a previous blog post that we are going to be doing Twelve DIY Hair Mask recipes for 2017. One for each month. Hair Masks are a great way to intensely treat your hair and they make a marked difference in the overall health of your hair. As it's the... Continue Reading →

Sealing in moisture

Hey beautiful Curlistas, Our hair cries out for moisture.. Because natural hair is very vulnerable to dryness, sealing moisture into your hair is very important. Moisture softens up the hair and keeps it hydrated so that it will become more supple and be less prone to breakage. If hair breaks less, you will be able to... Continue Reading →

My Big Chop 2016

Hi beautiful Curlistas, It's really nice to see more and more people becoming interested in taking care of their hair these days! Be it curly, straight, kinky, fine or thick.  I myself have been through some things with my hair, with the culmination being big chopping again....for only  the fourth time in my life! I know, I know. I... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the CurlyGirls868 blog! It’s really nice to have you here. Let me introduce my hair: I have been natural for about ten years now. However, I have only been taking really good care of my hair for about two or three years now. Before starting to care for my natural hair, it never... Continue Reading →

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