FAQ: What “oils” should I avoid?


Hi Curlistas,

I get asked a lot of questions so I have decided to answer them on here.

There are numerous products available on the market that contain undesirable ingredients in them. This makes it hard for someone who is looking to use more natural, organic and nourishing products in their hair as they have to weed through those to find the ones with more natural ingredients. In this post we will cover two very common undesirable ingredients, mineral oil and petroleum based products.

Mineral Oil and Petroleum based products should be minimized or avoided. These can clog your pores and are not easily absorbed into the hair shaft. And to top it off, they attract dust!

Mineral is also known as liquid paraffin, paraffinum liquidum, liquid petroleum, propylene glycol and petrolatum.

Petroleum is also known as white petrolatum, paraffin jelly and multi-hydrocarbon.

Now, if you must use a product with any of these items in them, make sure it is so far down on the ingredients list that it’s almost insignificant. Make sure that the ingredients list contains some good items that you want in your hair and that they are very high up.

Generally speaking, the first five items on the ingredients list, is what the product is made of. This is the key. Read the ingredients list of everything you put in your hair. Generally, the lower down on the ingredients list it is, the less it will have in the product. Go for products that have the undesirable ingredient near the end of the list.

Some great oils to use are: Ayurvedic Oils(homemade, not the store bought kind, they smell really high and there’s not much of the ayurvedic herbs in there), Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil and Castor Oil. You can also create your own blend of oils and add your favorite essential oils to spruce it up.

My favorite essential oils are Peppermint (#storytime on this down below), Lavender, Rosemary, TeaTree and Argan. 

Some creams you can used instead of petroleum based products are: Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Almond Butter. You can also create your own fluffy butter mix by running a hand mixer through it for a couple minutes.

I hope this was helpful to you and easy to understand.

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#Storytime: One day I decided to moisturize my hair in the morning before I go to work (I usually moisturize my hair before bed and my hair was longer at the time). So I’m doing my steps and I had the bright idea to add some more peppermint oil to the oil mix already in my hand and apply that to my hair.

I finished styling (I wore my hair open alot), left, got in a taxi (front passenger seat) and as the driver pulls off, the window was down….so yeah, wind. The woman seated behind me says in typical Trini slang “Waayyy girl! Yuh clear meh nose dey oui! Thanks! Bcuz ah here suffering with this cold and can’t breathe good….God send you for me today…” and the whole taxi start to laugh, even the driver and me of course.

For the entire ride, the topic was hair care, even the dude in the middle chimed in and asked me what he could put in his dreadlocks.

Moral: Peppermint oil is an awesome icebreaker! 😀 

Smile ❤

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