Hey Curlistas! First off, it's December! Yasssss!!!! It's officially Christmas season!!! Also, IT'S OFFICIALLY ONE YEAR SINCE MY BIG CHOP!!! On December 12th 2016, I cut all my hair off. Can you believe it? You can read all about my Big Chop here: My Big Chop 2016 I'll insert a comparison collage below if you're interested in how... Continue Reading →



Hey Curlistas, The Mask of the Month for November is a DIY Honey Hair Mask!!!! But wait, it's December tho....? Yes hunty! I'm late with my monthly posts...again! Sorry! November was my birth month and now it's Christmas so things have been hectic! But don't worry, I will fit y'all in no matter what! Ok,... Continue Reading →


Hey Curlistas, It's the month of October and for our Mask of the Month we're going to be making a hair mask with......... GINGER!   If you're like me and love ginger tea too,  that's excellent! But did you know that ginger is great for hair as well? Ginger is considered to be one of nature's... Continue Reading →


Hey Curlistas, Hope all is well with you all! I know, I knowwwwwww! It's October and I'm late as ever for my September posting. I'm not even gonna give an excuse. I'm so very sorry for missing my September deadline. Ok? Good. Now that's outta the way... For our Mask of the Month for September... Continue Reading →

DIY Hibiscus Hair Mask

Hey beautiful Curlistas! It's the first day of September. I know this post is a little late, however I have conquered some connectivity issues I was having so.... yeah! I'm here to give you the Mask of the Month for August, in September!  This month we're doing a DIY Hibiscus Hair Mask! Hibiscus is great... Continue Reading →


Hey Curlistas, It's Mask of the Month time again! For the month of July, we're doing a DIY Banana Hair Mask. Bananas are full of vitamins A, B, C, E and potassium and amino acids. Bananas help to soften hair, protects the hair's elasticity, promotes shiny, silky hair and helps with the overall nourishing of... Continue Reading →


Hi Curlistas, This month was something else! Well, the last half of the month, actually! We had two holidays almost back to back and a Tropical Storm! I hope those adversely affected by Bret have begun to return to some semblance of normalcy. There was also had that Bourdain-Sabga-Aboud thing...Yep! Busy, busy, busy... Personally though, I've also... Continue Reading →


Hi beautiful Curlistas! I have had a hectic two weeks! If anybody tells you that starting a business is easy, DEY LIE! Lol!! So anyways, it's Mask of the Month time again! I can't believe we're in May already! I remember January taking two months to finish and then the rest flew by in a... Continue Reading →

NuHair Growth Oil

Hey beautiful Curlistas,     If you have been on the fb page CurlyGirls868, you would know that I launched a new hair product this week! It’s called NuHair Growth Oil. On a daily basis I encounter persons with hair issues such as hair loss, excessive shedding, bald patches and receding hairlines. They would always... Continue Reading →

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