Hey Curlistas, Hope all is well with you all! I know, I knowwwwwww! It's October and I'm late as ever for my September posting. I'm not even gonna give an excuse. I'm so very sorry for missing my September deadline. Ok? Good. Now that's outta the way... For our Mask of the Month for September... Continue Reading →


DIY Hibiscus Hair Mask

Hey beautiful Curlistas! It's the first day of September. I know this post is a little late, however I have conquered some connectivity issues I was having so.... yeah! I'm here to give you the Mask of the Month for August, in September!  This month we're doing a DIY Hibiscus Hair Mask! Hibiscus is great... Continue Reading →


Hi Curlistas, Have you had the same hair length for years? Do you think that your hair "just isn't growing" and no matter what you do, your hair stays the same? Chances are, you are suffering from hair breakage. Unless you have an underlying illness, your hair is continuously growing. However, if your hair is... Continue Reading →

What’s your Hair Porosity?

Hi beautiful Curlistas, Hair porosity refers to the ability of your hair to receive moisture and hold on to it. Knowing your hair's porosity will help you choose products more suitable for your hair and it will also help you understand how to assist your hair with retaining moisture. Your hair will usually fall into one of three groups: Low Porosity, Medium... Continue Reading →

DIY Butter Hair Mask

Hey beautiful Curlistas, It's Mask of the Month time again! This year is flying by so fast! I can't believe we are already in MARCH! Just the other day was my birth-month and I was collecting gifts and "ermehgerds" from people who don't believe my age. Way boy... 2017 take yuh time fuh meh please... Continue Reading →

My Hair and Body Oil Mix

Hey beautiful Curlistas, Way before my big chop back in Dec 2016 , I have been experimenting with different oil mixes for my hair. I generally love oil for my hair because it leaves my hair soft and shiny and it is also a great way to seal in moisture. I love that certain oils have... Continue Reading →

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